Lock target customers and seize IoT market opportunities.
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HWTrek Expert Premium Services
Active Leads on Suitable Projects
We'll find the most suitable prospects and bridge you to them directly. Get specific leads to Collaborate with Projects based on your targets and business strategies. Reduce the time and effort to understand new customer needs, and speed up the Collaboration process.
A New Channel to Lock Customers
HWTrek is a new channel to discover, connect, and communicate directly with prospects. You'll receive tailored reports, Collaboration referrals, and Project and Solution portfolio management based on your specific target audience.
Online CRM with Ease
Customer management is convenient on the HWTrek platform. Get alerts on new Project requirements and track development statuses on Projects you're Collaborating with online. HWTrek enables you to effectively interact and Collaborate with global IoT innovators while saving time and resources.
Online Collaboration + Offline Interaction = A Fully Integrated O2O Experience
Go beyond the virtual space to connect and Collaborate with customers and HWTrek Experts face-to-face through HWTrek Workshops and Meetup events. This is a seamlessly integrated online-to-offline experience which strengthens your B2B network.
Tailored Sales Promotion
HWTrek helps you to create customized Solutions and Prestige Solution Programs to analyze customer needs, segment customers, and seize a market position to effectively engage more prospects and kick-off new Collaborations.
Feel the Innovation Pulse
Get summary reports that outline actual technology and resource requirements. Discover the next IoT trends, connect and Collaborate with Projects in development to obtain first-mover advantage.
Select Your Expert Premium Service Package
A special package for you.
Kickstart sales, marketing & collaboration with prospects.
BASIC Package
Publish Solutions.
The Hub basic features.
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BRONZE Package
Optimized Solutions to your competitive advantages.
The Hub advanced features.
Bridging to target customer. Guaranteed.
Tailored promotion to the global market.
6 months Service Package
$6,000 USD (Special Offer)
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SILVER Package
Optimized Solutions to your competitive advantage.
The Hub advanced features.
Tailored bridging to target customers. Guaranteed.
Promotion of business and core competencies to the global market.
Social network engagement for brand awareness.
6 months Service Package
$10,000 USD (Special Offer)
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Promote your product & service to the global IoT small and medium-sized businesses.
Global marketing for new product/module/service.
Precision online marketing to target customers worldwide.
Physical presence at selected offline events.
6 months Service Package.
$10,000+ USD (Special Offer)
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What the HWTrek Platform Can Do for You
B2B Network of IoT Projects
90% of all Projects on HWTrek are IoT related, which enables you to Discover and Collaborate with Projects looking for your hardware resources.
Effortless Interactive Marketing
Showcase your business services and technical capabilities to the global IoT market. Increase brand awareness and promote your Solutions directly to global SMBs.
Power Collaboration on the Hub
The HWTrek Project Development Hub (the Hub), a SaaS tool, summarizes information about the Collaborators' needs and enables you to efficiently communicate with the right prospects.
Global IoT Innovation Network
of Projects from North America
of Projects from Europe
IoT Projects
new Projects/week
Solutions on-board
Projects launched
HWTrek Expert Basic Account Features
Your Own Expert Profile
Sign up to HWTrek to get your own Expert Profile. Outline your expertise, skills, and experiences to attract customers and engage with them directly.
Succeed at Key Account Management
Create Solutions to showcase your unique product offerings and promote them to global IoT innovators. Interact and get feedback on actual customer needs - including RFQ and Project requirements - and maintain the Solution package.
The HWTrek Project Development Hub (the Hub)
With the Project Development Hub you can join new IoT Projects as a Collaborator, communicate directly with the Project owners, and keep track of the development. You can also manage business inquiries and your Prospects list, while staying updated on latest IoT market trends. The Hub facilitates partnerships effortlessly in the rapid-growing global IoT market.

Become a HWTrek Expert in 2 Easy Steps
Click to Expert Sign Up, fill in your basic information, and click Apply.
You'll receive an account activation email to your entered login email. Click the verify link to activate your account.
After reviewing your data and approving you as a HWTrek Expert, you'll be able use your account features. The review process takes about 2 working days.
What Other Experts Say About Us
Susan Wu
Marketing Manager at T&F Manufacturing
Dongguan, China
"The HWTrek platform gives us face-to-face opportunities with global Creators. It's a great platform for manufacturers to show our capabilities to the world."
Kwok Tsun
Technical Sales at HQPCB
Shenzhen, China
"HWTrek brings us closer to Creators, and enable us to deliver better services. Through the new innovative collaboration channel that HWTrek provides, we've obtained lots of business opportunities and latest info on Projects in the global market. "
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With HWTrek you Collaborate to build hardware, faster.

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Kickstart sales and marketing. Lock target customers. Connect to the global IoT network.
Get information on Project requirements and business needs.
Promote your business and increase brand awareness in the IoT innovation ecosystem.
Tap into the B2B network of IoT, hardware, and electronic consumer related innovations.
Use the cloud-based Project Development Hub tool to effectively manage and communicate with customers.
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All sensitive information you provide will not be disclosed to the public, and is protected by the Terms of Use, Terms of Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. Referrals and bridging to customers are conducted with the consent of the Project owner or an Expert mode Project. In addition, certain Project information may only be accessible with the consent of the Project owner or by becoming a Collaborator.