Collaborate and build hardware

Make it with partners, resources and tools.

My creation is a...

Build hardware with Resources

Outline your Project to get advice, plan your production and launch into markets with community resources.

Project management with on-demand resources

Get resources matching your requirements and manage your Project on the HWTrek Hub.

Connect with supply chain partners

From IC design to retailers, the entire supply chain is represented on the platform.

Integrating online and offline experiences

HWTrek takes you in the field to connect with selected industry Experts face-to-face.

Propose your Solution

Outline your solution to find, connect and collaborate with new prospects.

Enter the market effectively

Connect with hardware innovators and tap into a rapid-growing market.

Generate high-quality leads with precision marketing

Access opportunities to lock and communicate with target customers.

Tailored enterprise service

Gain exclusive innovation dynamics and efficiently seize business opportunities.

Everything you need in one place.

Industry Resources

Access the full supply chain - mentors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, venture capital connections, certification facilities and more...

Project Management

With custom production plans and management tools for collaborators, the HWTrek Hub shows teams where to go and helps you get there together.

Sales Channels

Building your product is only half the battle, next you have to sell it. HWTrek opens valuable channels to sell your products in huge Asian markets.

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