HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2017

Connected Health Solutions

10-14 July, 2017
Shenzhen (3D) → Shanghai (2D)
Free admission
10+ Companies & 2 Meetups

The AIT 2017 Event

5 Days Action-Packed Tour Into The Design And Manufacturing Service Industries

The HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2017 (AIT 2017) is a members-only event designed to connect innovators and professionals from around the world. It is a rare opportunity to dive into the center of the medical device design and manufacturing world and gain access to the global healthcare market.

On this fifth HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour, you’ll be meeting a multitude of industry professionals through visits to manufacturing facilities, certification labs, top-tier medical companies, and discussing product development strategies with industry leaders at the HWTrek Meetup. Also, you will liaise with retailers seeking new product categories, service providers who are looking for new value-added solutions, and gain valuable marketing insights that will help you succeed in healthcare markets.

We have lined up demo opportunities with industry professionals eager to find products, meetup with local industry experts, and distributors to better connect you to the local market and get inspiration from the latest manufacturing technology.

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour - takes you into the center of healthcare industry in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China

Itinerary Highlights

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2017

10-14, July Shenzhen & Shanghai

Shenzhen: Visit manufacturers and labs; 1 Meetup

Shanghai: Discover customers and validate markets; 1 Meetup

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Tour Itinerary

In Shenzhen, China’s hardware Silicon Valley, visit top-tier ISO 13485 medical quality manufacturers and FDA product experienced supply chain partners. Grasp a holistic view of building a medical device. Experts are on hand at all times to answer questions. Certification labs will give a step-by-step understanding of getting a product tested. Also, pitch, demo, and network with supply chain professionals from the medical, healthcare, and IoT industry to access partnership opportunities.

In Shanghai, the gateway to Chinese healthcare market with a cluster of medical and biotech research bases, network with retailers and industry solution providers looking for new products. These meetings will include local system integrators that provide full solutions to hospitals, eldercare facilities and specialist clinics. Sit-down sessions are lined up with Chinese market research agencies that will walk through the latest market, consumer trends.

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HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2017 - Itinerary

Note: Tour Itinerary may be subject to change. Final Tour Itinerary details will be sent to the selected Creator applicants. Optional extended trip to Taiwan is available upon request.

Event Highlights 2016

Attendee Testimonials

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"HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour brought us out of our comfort zone which was needed to put all the supply chain into a perspective. This Tour is a must thing for a hardware entrepreneur who really wants to scale up."


"It was great getting to see some high end and top tier manufacturers and suppliers, for young companies like us, it was really hard to get noticed by them in the first place."

United States

"There are so many companies that provide specialty services or total solution services, and it’s nearly impossible to understand how it all fits together from your desk at home. This Tour helped me understand all the key steps, how companies divide their expertise/services, and where options exist to specialize or combine services as needed."

United States

"The factory visits were very informative. To understand exactly how our stuff is made and what we can do on our side to make manufacturing and the relationship with our manufacturers flow effortlessly. The Meetups are very useful and making it much easier to have our parts sourced. Also, the contact with other Creators has been very enlightening. Most of us face similar issues and the space to exchange information and ideas has been really useful for us."


"This is the the second time we’ve attended a HWTrek Meetup event. The last event was a success with over a thousand attendees and many overseas business opportunities. As soon as I heard that there’s a new HWTrek event, I immediately signed up. Talking to these companies gave us a lot of inspiration for the projects we’re working on and a glimpse of future industry trends to incorporate into our business strategy planning."

Shenzhen, China

"Through attending the HWTrek Meetup, we met creators from around the world and got a real understanding of their projects and requirements. We also took away a new grasp of the latest industry trends. I think it really helped our factory to get a grasp of new manufacturing requirements."

Shenzhen, China

"The HWTrek Meetup was a fantastic event. It brought us together with overseas businesses and we were able to discuss their latest projects and individual requirements. We were also able to meet and learn from other supply chain vendors."

Shenzhen, China

"Delighted to be part of HWTrek family. It’s been great for us in terms of finding companies who are interested in retailing and selling their products in China. We have profiles on HWTrek and that helped us to connect with companies around the world."

Shenzhen, China

Highlights and Exhibited Vendors